We promote STEM interests in middle school girls by exposing them to different up-and-coming fields and engaging in discussions with the hope of empowering the next generation of innovators.

How does it work?

Our free monthly Workshops  consist of an interactive lecture paired with related hands-on activities. Our team consists of driven students from a variety of high schools across southwest Florida.

An origin story...

"Girls' interest in STEM subjects are at an all-time low, and with reports like The Elephant in the Valley, it's no secret why. I created The Steminist Movement in the hopes of cultivating confidence in young girls, specifically in their own ideas. When it comes to achieving success in STEM fields, self-validation plays a crucial role. I hope to instill just that in all those involved with The Steminist Movement."

- Anabella Maria D. Galang

Founder and President

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Anabella Maria Galang


Founder and President




Adela Harvey

Regional Coordinator

 Fort Myers High School '20

Samantha Lefebvre

Communications Director

Barron Collier High School '20

Panos Dimaras

AV Videographer

Community School of Naples '21

Nereca Capuno

Communications Assistant

Naples High School '21

Madeline Mair

Workshop Organizer

Barron Collier High School '21

Gabriella On-Cuen

Volunteer Coordinator

Community School of Naples, '20

Nereca Capuno

Communications Assistant

Naples High School '21

Joshua Galang

Technology Consultant

Worcester Polytechnic Institute '19

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