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We Need Your Support

Please consider donating to The Steminist Movement. Your contributions allow us to continue providing free science workshops to young women in our communities.

THE STEMINIST MOVEMENT, INC. consists of local high school and college students working together to provide free education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for middle school girls. We offer fun and informative workshops hosted by professionals in STEM fields with the aim of providing young women with the tools they will need to build long-lasting and successful careers in these specialties. The adversity that women face in the workplace can be incredibly daunting, especially in STEM, rigorous academic fields with a male majority. It is our goal to inspire the next generation of women-workers to discover their own unique gifts, and develop an affinity for hard work. In 2018, we hosted five two-hour-long workshops in Lee and Collier county that impacted more than 200 students who participated in our workshops — at no cost to our participants.

Because all the workshops we run are free, all of the supplies required — from printed materials to kinetic-learning tools — are either donated or paid for out-of-pocket. As we attempt to expand our endeavor, we’ve begun seeking the support of those who would like to invest in the future of STEM fields by supporting girls of our community. Our volunteers have been working tirelessly to raise the funds necessary to support The Steminist Movement, Inc., but we need your help to carry on our mission and obtain the materials necessary to foster learning and excitement at our workshops.

2019-2020 DONORS

2019-2020 Donors

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