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We work with college and high school students to create Steminist Movement Chapters. Student teaching fellows at each college chapter connect with local middle schools and lead hands-on workshops.


Learn more about our workshops.

Join an Existing Chapter
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Cornell University


Northeastern University

Interested in founding a chapter at your own college?

Fill out the application below and schedule a meeting with us so we can learn more about you and introduce you to our model. We look forward to meeting you!

Resources for Teaching Fellows

Crucial to the workshop's success, this document provides a cohesive overview of the preparation for each speaker.

This video will show you how to make an impactful, professional powerpoint. All speakers are required to watch the entire video.

Files From Past Workshops

"Hello World! How Coding Can Take You Anywhere"

Presented by Dahlia Dry, September 2018

"Cloning Encounters of the Good Kind: Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine"

Presented by Anabella Maria Galang and Prof. Lyndsay Rhodes, October 2018

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