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  1. WRITE THE SCRIPT | Initial prep work (9:13)

    1. Research broad topics & compile sources 

    2. Define topic and flow of presentation​

    3. Creating natural transitions

    4. Optional Reading Material: Everything's An Argument (pg. 367-378) Source

  2. MARK THE SCENE | Plan how the audience will perceive your presentation (7:44)

    1. Using everyday examples as analogies for more complex STEM topics​

    2. Present information strategically 

  3. BUILD THE SET | Making slides that stick (14:12)

    1. Fonts​, Background, Overall Aesthetic

    2. Breaking it up: Focus on one concept per "slide"

    3. Bringing it back (now y'all): Using summary slides to tell your story

    4. Watch: Death by Powerpoint [TEDx Talk]

  4. PREPARING FOR SHOWTIME | Strategically engage the audience (19:30)

    1. Using questions to propel your presentation forward​

    2. Balancing a personable and professional persona

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