Workshops 2021-2022

Coding Station

Why do birds have feathers? Why is her hair brown?

Where do we get new gene content from?

Can we make changes to our own genes?

The answer to all of these questions lies inside of us: DNA. Join us to understand more about DNA, its counterparts genes and genomes, and how we can use them to understand the basis of life.

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Annie Rogers

Teaching Fellow

Annie Rogers is a junior studying Information Science and minoring in Computer Science in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is from outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here at Cornell, she is on the Varsity Women’s Polo Team and is co-President, as well. Annie also serves as the Vice President for Membership Experience for Delta Delta Delta Sorority and is a scholar in the Milstein Program for Technology and Humanity. She is also a lector during Masses for the Cornell Catholic Community. Annie enjoys reading and researching everything from Harry Potter to data privacy laws and various computer science disciplines.

Ellen Headshot.jpg

Ellen Jannereth

Teaching Fellow

Ellen Jannereth is a freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences majoring in physics with an outside concentration in computer science. She is a member of Cornell's Society of Physics Students, works part-time at the Sydney Cox Library of Music and
Dance, and is a violinist in the Cornell Open Orchestra. Ellen is from Tampa, FL, and enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Doctor and Patient

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered how humans will use engineering and astronomy to get to Mars?

Join us as we travel from Earth to Mars, including observing space from Earth, fueling more powerful rockets, exploring the “Red Planet,” and conducting experiments from hundreds of millions of miles away.

For All Registered Participants: Please check your email for instructions on how to receive the Zoom information. Thank you!

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Sue Lee

Teaching Fellow

Sue Lee is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Chemistry & Chemical Biology and minoring in Philosophy. She is a Teaching Assistant for General Chemistry and loves learning/teaching chemistry. She is also a Korean translator for the Translator-Interpreter Program at Cornell. Outside of academics, Sue works at Collegetown Bagels and is always baking cookies in her free time.

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Adriana Palmieri

Teaching Fellow

Adriana Palmieri is a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences studying Chemistry. She is a Rawlings Presidential Research Scholar and is involved in a project involving Food Microbiology. She is also on the Student Advisory Council to the Dean of CALS
and a member of the Advisory Board for Rawlings. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with friends exploring Ithaca and watching movies.